Programme Advisory Committee (PAC):

The Institute has a PAC with representatives from the Board of Trustees, client institutions, NABARD, etc. Through its collective wisdom, the PAC reviews performance and decides on Calendar of Programmes
The Present members of the PAC are:

Dr.P.V.Shenoi (Trustee, NIRB)Chairman
Shri P.V.Prabhu (Trustee Secretary, NIRB) Member
Shri P.V.A.Rama Rao(Trustee, NIRB), Chief General Manager, NABARD, RO Member
Registrar of Coop. Societies, Govt. of Karnataka Member
Chief General Manager, NABARD Member
Director,NIRB Member-Conevener
Director,RICM,Bangalore Member
General Manager,Canara Bank Member
Chairman,Pragathi Krishna Gramin Bank,Bellary Member
Managing Director, Karnataka State Coop. Apex Bank Member
Managing Director,Karnataka State Coop. Agri. & Rural Dev. Bank Member
The Faculty Members of NIRB are permanent invitees to the PAC.